Training and coaching

Assessor Workshop

Training Program Outline:

  • Ironclad Rules for Competency Assessment through AC/DC Methodology
  • Developing Session Methodology: Competencies, Behavioral Indicators, Task and
  • Competency Matrix, Rating Scale, Simulation Tasks
  • Session Organization: Communication to Participants, Schedule, Physical Session Space,
  • Session Administration
  • Role and Task Allocation, Areas of Responsibility
  • Work Standards, Building Professional Relationships with Participants
  • Observation, Data Collection, Assessment Tools
  • Competency Assessment, Assessor Discussion, Common Assessment Mistakes
  • Challenging Situations During Sessions
  • Preparation of Individual and Aggregate Reports
  • Providing Feedback to Participants and Project Sponsors

As a result of the training, the participant will be:

  • Understand the principles of competency assessment projects
  • Be able to independently design the assessment process
  • Possess knowledge of the specificity of competencies and behavioral indicators
  • Be familiar with various types of exercises and know how to effectively use them
  • Have the skill to take good notes from assessor observations
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with different rating scales
  • Understand the principles of conducting assessor discussions
  • Be aware of the components of professional individual and aggregate reports
  • Know how to facilitate a feedback session for the participant’s benefit and development
  • Have an awareness of possible distortions in objective assessment and know how to counteract them
  • Be familiar with methods for handling non-standard situations
  • Hold an Assessor Certificate

Recruitment and Selection Based on Competencies

Training Program Outline:

  • Employer vs. Candidate Market
  • Recruitment Criteria, Competency Models
  • Most Popular Recruitment Methods
  • Analyzing Resumes and Other Documents
  • Guidelines for Conducting Offline and Online Recruitment Meetings and Telephone
  • Interviews with Candidates
  • How to Evaluate Candidates (Halo Effect, First Impression Effect…)
  • Experience and Competencies – How to Investigate and Verify Them, Behavioral Interview
  • Checking Candidate References
  • Providing Feedback
  • The Impact of Recruitment on Employer Branding

As a result of the training, participants will be able to:

  • To understand the principles of the modern labor market
  • To familiarize oneself with various recruitment methods
  • To plan the recruitment process within a company
  • To learn about competency models
  • To apply behavioral interview techniques
  • To check references
  • To avoid errors in candidate assessment
  • To build a positive company image