Interim Management

You feel the desire for further development

Willing to share experience and knowledge?

Feeling downtime in your career, would you like to further develop and carry out responsible projects? Are you on the eve of deciding on the further direction of your professional development?

In the implementation of interim management projects, people who already have extensive professional experience, have held positions at the director level or above, are specialists in their area, such as finance, operational management, HR, marketing, PM, sales and others, prove themselves. They are not afraid of challenges and difficult challenges, have a network of professional contacts, are resistant to stress and open to change.

What does an Interim Manager do

Am I suitable for this job?

Is interim management suitable for me?

It’s worth considering the following factors: the scope of your past experiences, preferences, personality traits conducive to quick adaptation to change and new conditions, and stress resilience. It’s valuable to explore publications in the market that can aid in such an important decision or seek guidance from a professional – a career advisor, consultant, or coach.

The key attributes that an interim manager should possess include.

  • Extensive professional experience in leadership positions
  • Years of professional experience in various companies/industries
  • Experience in leading human teams
  • Proven track record of successes
  • Financial security and a stable financial situation
  • Deriving satisfaction from the impact of actions, rather than a sense of power or prestige
  • Adaptability and ease in navigating through changing situations

Elevating Qualifications for an Interim Manager

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In addition to the evident professional development that aligns with successive projects undertaken by an interim manager, there are initiatives in the market enabling managers to enhance their competencies and validate their qualifications in the field of interim management. Inwenta sponsors selected initiatives, such as certification conducted by the Interim Managers Association (SIM).

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