Recruitment Standards at Inwenta

Inwenta is a personnel consulting company, since 2004 specializing in, among other things, recruitment for senior and middle managerial positions and highly specialized independent positions. It was one of the first companies on the Polish market to initiate projects related to the recruitment of interim managers and the implementation of temporary projects. In accordance with Polish law, Inwenta Sp. z o.o. is registered in the register of entities conducting employment agencies under number: 1727.

In accordance with Polish law, Inwenta Sp. z o.o. is registered in the register of entities conducting employment agencies under number: 1727.

Recruitment standards

As a recruitment company, we are the bridge between our clients and candidates. With this in mind, we provide the highest level of professionalism in our cooperation to both parties.

Our Candidates, can rest assured that we will provide them with the following during the implementation of recruitment projects:

  • Confidentiality and discretion – All data and information provided to us by Candidates is of particular importance to us and treated as confidential. Information provided to us in written or verbal form is used only for the purposes of the recruitment project in progress and is not shared with third parties. Our Consultants are trained in data confidentiality and confidentiality when conducting recruitment projects.
  • Security – we comply with RODO regulations. Our Candidates’ resumes are securely stored in Inwenty’s candidate database, which is a registered dataset with GIODO. The Candidate must give his/her consent for his/her professional profile to be placed in our database and, in accordance with the applicable law, has the right to inspect the data and make changes to it.
  • Support – our Team of Consultants are professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the labor market area in Poland. Our Candidates can count on our support during the recruitment process, as well as after its completion. Our Consultants will always answer any doubts or questions from the Candidates.
  • Understanding – our interactions with Candidates are based on many years of experience in conducting various recruitment projects. We are aware that a job change is connected with making important life decisions for Candidates. We always strive to make our cooperation comfortable and bring quality solutions for both our Candidates and Clients.
  • Flexibility – our Candidates can count on us to accommodate their time and needs within the project capacity of a given recruitment process.
  • Knowledge – we are in constant contact with our Candidates, provide them with information on the progress of the recruitment project on a regular basis, and share with them our knowledge of their status in the project. Some of the information we have is dependent on our Clients, and it sometimes happens that some of the information is withheld due to the importance, urgency or confidentiality of the project.

Candidate Database

Inwenta attaches great importance to confidentiality and responsibility for Candidates’ data it has in the course of recruitment projects. We have a database registered in the register of the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection under the number 000628/2005.

Improve your chances in the job market

he importance from the point of view of the Candidate and his competitiveness in the labor market is to periodically update his data submitted to the Candidate database. Once sent a resume in a few years may turn out to be outdated. So it is worth remembering to update your data when they change, e.g. change of job, change of position, etc.

CVs can be sent through the form available on our website:

Base of interim managers

Inwenta specializes in the recruitment of interim managers. As a Partner of the Interim Managers Association, it actively works to raise the standards of interim management work in Poland and promotes interim management among Polish companies and executives as a modern and effective business management tool and a career option for top managers.

We encourage Candidates to learn more about the opportunities offered by interim management:

If you are interested in developing your career in the field of interim management and are open to temporary projects, register your resume in our database of interim managers: indicating at the end of the form that you are interested in projects in the field of interim management.